Alpine Geophysics Expertise

The Atmospheric Sciences Group at Alpine offers extensive "hands-on" experience in a wide range of air quality services, particularly in the areas of emissions, meteorological, photochemical and particulate matter (PM) modeling.

Alpine Geophysics has an accumulated experience-base in excess of a century, which includes specialized expertise in:

  • Photochemical and PM/haze modeling;
  • Mesoscale meteorological modeling;
  • Emissions estimation, modeling and inventory development;
  • Environmental economics and planning;
  • Ozone State Implementation Plan (SIP) regulatory modeling and attainment     demonstration analyses;
  • Design and management of field monitoring programs in support of air quality     modeling studies;
  • Receptor modeling and aerometric data analysis;
  • Custom design / installation of environmental modeling computer systems.


  • Emissions
  • Meteorological
  • Photochemical
  • Emission Projections
  •   IT Services  

Emissions Inventory Modeling

The emissions inventory group at Alpine Geophysics provides state of science emissions modeling for air quality studies. Alpine Geophysics staff have demonstrated experience in all of the current emission modeling systems, including SMOKE, CONCEPT, EMS and EPS. Experience include urban scale modeling in over a dozen US cities and regional scale modeling throughout the US, as well as portions of Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Australia and Asia. Emission inventory projects, for both industry and governmental agencies have included inventory development and control strategy implementation for stationary point, stationary area, non-road mobile source, on-road motor vehicle, and biogenic emission sources.

Meteorological Modeling

The meteorological modeling group at Alpine Geophysics specializes in the applicaton of numerical models for air quality studies. Alpine Geophysics staff have experience with meteorological models ranging from fairly simplistic objective analysis models to current state of science prognostic models like WRF, RAMS and MM5. Alpine Geophysics breadth of experience allows the proper model to be chosen for each specific application.

Photochemical Modeling

Alpine Geophysics staff has direct, hands-on experience in the use of all of the photochemical models identified by the EPA in it's recent 8-hr modeling guidance as well as a number of emerging PM2.5 grid-based models. The breadth of experience of Alpine Geophysics staff in applications with the full range of contemporary photochemical models underscores the firm's competence and proficiency in regulatory applications of state-of-science models. Alpine Geophysics is not invested in any particular air quality model, and has demonstrated proficiency in applying all of the meteorological and ozone models identified in the EPA's 8-hr guidance. Thus, we are able to select an appropriate combination of current state-of-science emissions (SMOKE, CONCEPT), meteorological (WRF, MM5), and air quality models (CAMx, MAQSIP, CMAQ, URM, UAMV) for use in a given application.

Emission Projections

Alpine Geophysics staff has unequaled expertise in preparing emission projections, and developing improved emission forecasting techniques. This expertise was gained from over fifty emission inventory/projection projects over the last decade. These projects were performed for numerous regional planning organizations and State, Local, and Federal government clients, and included coverage of all pollutants (greenhouse gases and criteria and hazardous air pollutants) and source categories (large/small stationary sources and onroad/nonroad mobile sources). Emission forecasts were developed in support of air quality modeling and policy analysis, including efforts to plan for achievement of National Ambient Air Quality Standards and regional haze goals, and to develop greenhouse gas cap-and-trade programs. Projects have covered efforts to model the effects of state and EPA regulations and to perform statistical analyses to correlate emission activity trends with socioeconomic trends.

IT Services

Alpine Geophysics provides consulting services in the study, design, development, application, implementation, support and management of computer-based information systems, particularly software applications and computer hardware used in environmental modeling systems. Alpine Geophysics staff will work with you to design a company specific platform necessary to meet the needs of your business practices.